Advanced Clearing Energetics

Discover empowering information about your health issues

Wouldn't it be nice to know why your health issue is there, what caused it to occur in the first place, and why it repeats itself? Studies show a distinct link between stress and disease. Further, it is believed that a specific stressful event can cause a specific stressful disease. With a META-Medicine analysis, you can gain a better understanding of where you are in the healing process, and what likely caused the biological process to occur. This is empowering information that you can then use to pursue treatment (medical, alternative, integrative) on your journey to wellness.

Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)

In Advanced Clearing Energetics, it is believed that all disease (and health issues) are part of a biological process, with a beginning and an end. The process starts when the person undergoes what is termed as an UDIN moment (unexpected, dramatic, isolating with no strategy) or traumatic event. This traumatic event, on an energetic level, lands in the area of the brain that corresponds with the context of the situation or event. At the same time, the organ(s) that is affiliated with that specific brain area is also affected. And so begins the journey of disease.

Integrative Health

The journey to wellness would therefore address the traumatic event(s) that affected the person, as well as the whole being (physical, spiritual, emotional wellness). By incorporating energy therapy techniques like EFT and Time Line Therapy, we can clear the emotional intensity and attachment to those traumatic events, allowing the body to continue the biological process through to the healing process and to wellness.

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