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When you look at that picture of me, do think Krista-Headache? Well, for many years that's what I felt people saw when they looked at me.

At 17 I developed disabling chronic headaches. High school was a nightmare. My social life suffered. "The headaches" became the topic de jour with family, and other fine concerned people. The years passed, the chronic headaches did not abate.

My family tried just about everything to deal with them, to cure them. No real answers were to be found. These days there are so many different alternative therapies that one can try. Back then the alternative health care system was just bourgening.

We tried acupuncture. "The headaches" improved, but still stuck around. ..but I became so highly fascinated by acupuncture that I graduated from the Ottawa School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2004. Yay!

The "headaches" persisted, and they became part of my identity. People would always ask me how I was doing, how are the headaches..

I became depressed, I didn't like being Krista-headache. I would much rather be Rockin'Krista or something positive!

“When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you." - Author Unknown

EFT was instrumental in changing up my perception of myself and my outer world. If my journey has resonated with you - you have a chronic health condition that has become part of your identity, or that of someone you love and care about - I can help!

When I discovered EFT it totally changed my life! It has become a real passion of mine. It is often called 'Emotional Acupuncture', and for good reason. It harmonizes the body's energy systems by tapping into your 'negative' emotions and releasing them. It is so amazing! I just had to incorporate this healing modality into my life. This technique is so simple, so effective, the results we (the EFT community) get still amazes me sometimes. *This* is why I love the work that I do.

Please note: As of 20013, I am no longer practicing, but am devoting my time to my 2 children as a homeschooling Mom. I continue to help others achieve their wellness goals by offering information about essential oils and CBD oil.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I help clients understand why they may have their disease or condition with the help of the Advanced Clearing Energetics, which identifies illness and disease as a biological process which can be navigated toward better health. Reiki, NLP, Time Line Therapy and EFT and essential oils are the energy therapy techniques and tools that I love to use to balance the energy meridians of the body to achieve this goal.

As an Energy Therapist, I help brides, mommas-to-be and everyday people deal with anxiety issues and stressful events that have occurred or are occuring in their life. Reiki, NLP, Time Line Therapy and EFT and essential oils are the tools that I use to get results.


My background is in Acupuncture/TCM - having graduated with a D.AC in 2004
I am a Reiki Practitioner - being first attuned in 1999.
I am an Advanced EFT practitioner - trained in EFT since 2006
Meta-Medicine Trained to become an Integrative Health Coach in 2010
NLP and Time Line Therapy trained in 2012
Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) Level 1 Practitioner in 2013


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